It’s Not The 90’s Anymore, Bro.

Party like it's 2017

These old heads kill me always talking about how terrible today’s hip-hop is. Okay, we know. Our Futures and Young Thugs have nothing against those in the 90’s hip-hop royalty Wu Tang, Run DMC, or whatever old people listen to these days. Of course, the 90’s were the Golden Ages of hip-hop. The lyrical prowesses of emcees such as Nas or Jay-Z were far better than 90% of the rappers in the game right now. But what this decade’s rap lacks in lyrics, it makes up in banging production. I would much rather had the opportunity to see ODB rap over a Metro Boomin’ beat than Lil Uzi rap over a boom bap beat.

Every decade brings its own new wave of music, and we are just going through another transition in the game. Kids today would much rather be world-touring rock stars than trap stars.Up-tempo, fast spitting songs are what to expect this day and age. Expecting another Tupac to come out of nowhere and “save” hip-hop is highly unlikely.

But the good thing about being in the Digital Age of rap, finding the right music for you is easier than ever. You have the rap juggernauts of Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, and Joey Badass that are carrying the torch of the lyrical side of rap. Drake can also be just as lyrical as anyone else, but he lost some of his credit after his ghostwriting allegations. Nonetheless, rap is in a much better place that it was five years ago, and it’s getting better. So either cop that new Future album, or get out your walkman and listen to all the “real rap” that you old guys grew up on.


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