Why Won’t Anybody Give Desiigner a Chance?

Why so much hate for Kanye's newest protege?

Imagine if you were an 18-year oldup and coming rapper who just had a number one rap song on the billboard charts?

Like many people, (including myself) we probably wouldn’t know what to do if we were in a situation like that. So it’s surprising when people poke fun at Desiigner for behaving erratically and making the most of his opportunity. Future comparisons aside, this kid obviously has talent. With a recent spot on the XXL Freshman Cover and with Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music behind him, he can go very far.

In a recent interview with Complex this year, he responded to his critics about the similarities between him and Future. “God gave him a blessing. But he gave me a blessing, too.” He said. “I ain’t gonna doubt the man’s music. He makes beautiful music.” Seeing that usually many rappers have too much pride to show love to other rappers, it’s good to see a young emcee in the game salute a legend in the making with Future.


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