Is Chance The New Kanye?

Chance the Rapper is on top of the world right now. Fresh off two Grammy wins and a successful 2016, he can’t go anywhere but up. He’s officially solidified his career in the game. The only question is, is he on the path of Kanye was when he was in top?

In 2005, Kanye West won his first Grammy for his classic debut album, ‘College Dropout’. As of today, he has over 21 Grammy awards. Most rap fans (including myself) have him in our top five emcees of this generation. But there’s one thing Yeezus never did. Win the Best Rap Album award from a free mixtape.

That alone puts Chance in a whole class of his own. That gives hope to all indie artists, not just rappers, that they can still be just as mainstream as a artist on a major record label while still having all of the freedom of an unsigned artist at the tip of their hands. No one ever thought it would be done. But Lil’ Chano from 79th did it. And he did it in convincing fashion.


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