Why 2017 is the year of Jeffery

Young Thug is a fairly new artist. Yes, he’s been in the game for over 5 years now, his career taking off around 2013. He’s had a slew of hits, such as the Rich Homie Quan-assisted “Lifestyle”. His Youtube account has garnered millions of views. The video for his single “Wyclef Jean” had over 8 million views in the first week. To many, Thug has reached the peak of his career. Others, such as me, feel like he hasn’t even reach the full potential, and this is the year where he finally takes over.

His last retail mixtape, “Jeffery”, had plenty of critical acclaim to make many fans wonder what he has in store for the next year. He shows them on the two features he has on Drake’s newest project, More Life. “Sacrifices”, the song that also features 2 Chainz, has a verse from Thugger that many of his fans haven’t heard from him in a long time. And the other, less conventional song, “Ice Melts”, where he gives a beautiful hook and melody on the already stellar song.

Considering it’s only March, who knows how many more features or projects he has in store for this year. His next rumored feature, a collab with Calvin Harris, Pharrel, and Ariana Grande, should be a great look for him. Hopefully, it will come sooner than later.


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