Kodak Black- Painting Pictures (Album Review)

The young and troubled Pompano rapper shows his true potential on his debut album.

Album Rating: 7.3/10

Kodak Black has  had a rollercoaster ride of a career since it has started. From scoring his biggest single to date, to his legal troubles bringing him in and out of jail, he has lived a life most rappers probably wish they lived.

After countless mixtapes, his last one being the solid effort of Lil Big Pac, he finally comes through with his anticipated debut album, Painting Pictures, led by the popular single, “Tunnel Vision”. PP shows Kodak’s potential and where he could be if followed the right path.

“He has lived the life most rappers wished they lived.”

Kodak starts the album off with the calm but deep track, “Day for Day” where he raps about “Giving everything back to have my niggas here” and doing anything he can to get out of the struggle.

Tracks like those are where Kodak stands out the most. He speaks as if he has already lived life twice, when really, he isn’t even old enough to drink

Tracks like “Corrlinks & JPay” where he describes losing his close friends to prison and making sure they’re staying strong while locked down. “Dying in a cell, every street nigga’s fear/I’d give everything back to have my niggas here.” He raps with so much pain and emotion that you can’t help but believe him.

The beat selection for this album is surprisingly good as well. Kodak has always had a great ear for beats, and shows it on this album.

From the dreamy MikeWillMadeIt cut, “Corrlinks and JPay” and the Ben Billions and Nav-produced “Save You” to the hottest producer at the moment, Metro Boomin, and the huge hit, “Tunnel Vision”, the instrumentals he chose fit him perfectly.

Even though there are some strong cuts on this album, it lacks overall consistency. The few features that were on the album felt like he was the one featuring on them. Especially the Young Thug-assisted “Top Off Benz” where Thug is literally 3/4ths of the song. “Conscience” and “Reminiscing”, which feature Future and A-Boogie respectively, also felt like Kodak took a backseat in the recording process and let his peers take over.

To say the least, Kodak has found his own sound and will continue to perfect his craft and cement his name in the rap game permanently. He showed all sides of his self. There’s the cool and laid-back Kodak on “Coolin’ & Booted” to the love-stricken and envious Kodak on “Side Nigga”. The potential and talent is there, but he’s missing direction and guidance that he truly needs. Hopefully, he refocuses his attention so he can stay out of the law’s hands and give us the music that we know he can make.


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