Meek Mill Is Preparing For His Comeback

And he's not taking any prisoners.

Two days ago, Meek Mill released a new song featuring the revered r&b talents Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign, “Whatever You Need”. It has a lot of potential to be a top song of the summer (Anything featuring the latter is usually guaranteed to be a hit). This shouldn’t surprise anyone that Meek released a song like this, though. This is just a stepping stone to his plan.

Depending on who you ask, you can say Meek made a few stumbles these past few years, including the one everyone knows about. If it were any other that has went through his troubles, they would’ve called their career a quits years ago. But luckily for Meek, he has the streets on his side. While Drake has the powerful pop appeal, he doesn’t have the best relatability and “street cred” to have that big fanbase in the hood.

Now that the beef has gotten old and stale, and also not having the baggage of dating one of the most famous and sought after woman on the planet, he can finally get back to his roots.

He recently announced his upcoming album, fittingly titled, Win and Losses, and it wouldn’t be surprising if his latest single “Whatever You Need” is the lead single. This album could be a make-or-break for his career. But seeing as though he knows something we don’t, it shouldn’t be a shock if Meek Mill ends up having the last laugh.


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